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Our Mission
The good life is a process, not a state of being.
          It is a direction, not a destination.
-- Carl Roger (Humanistic Psychologist)

Life is Beautiful.

Tharros Centre helps revitalize the wonder of yours.

"Tharros" derives from the Greek word θάρρος, symbolizing both the bravery to confront adversities and the determination to persevere. This term was deliberately selected by Ivan Liu, the founder of Tharros Centre, with the intention of instilling courage and resolve in the face of life's myriad challenges.

Established in 2015, Tharros Centre operates on the belief that inherent within every individual is the capacity for artistic expression, a means through which one can articulate the depths of their emotions while cultivating resilience and fortitude to support the well-being of others. Guided by the fundamental core values of "integrating humanities, art, and creativity into daily life," we have developed and implemented our flagship Art Therapy Certificate Programme. Over the course of nine years, our programme has graduated more than 800 individuals, arming them with both the passion and expertise needed to assist others in navigating psychological obstacles and fostering inner strength.

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Art Therapy Programmes
Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.
-- Eileen Miller
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Promotion of Mental Health Literacy

Many individuals often undergo prolonged struggles before formally seeking psychological therapy services. If those around them can detect and offer assistance early on, perhaps everything will become different. We believe that with a compassionate heart, everyone has the potential to become others' angel, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge in the field of mental health. With this in mind, we have dedicatedly designed this programme, integrating professional psychology and principles of art therapy intervention, at the same time reinterpreting and elucidating the content in accessible manner. The tuition fee is affordable for the general public, allowing individuals of diverse background to fully grasp the fundamental principles and skills of helping others, empowering them to understand and care for those in distress, and actualising the potential for everyone to "become the angel of others". If everyone could care and understand more about those around them who are experiencing distress, offering timely help with a caring heart and art, and encouraging them to seek professional help when needed, the world would undoubtedly become a more beautiful place.

Helping Others, Helping Yourself

When comforting others who are emotionally distressed, it is important for us, as companions, to take good care of ourselves as well. Only then can we effectively become the containment of others without being drawn into the emotional abyss ourselves. Our programme emphasises a balanced approach of theory and practice. In addition to teaching helping skills, we also delve into the psychological mechanisms and needs of different people. This enables students to generate a clearer understanding of the psychological needs of those they are helping, allowing them to provide assistance tailored to specific individuals. Furthermore, throughout the learning process, students are encouraged to reflect on their own growth and experiences, gaining insights into and attending to their own needs. This avoids the situation where the helper "can help others but not themselves."

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Counselling and Psychotherapy Services in Times of Need

Urban life is busy, and most people suffer from various degrees of distress to some extent. According to the 2022 Hong Kong Mental Health Index Survey, over half of the respondents' mental health index was deemed inadequate. However, looking at the mental health services in Hong Kong, the waiting time for subsidised government or non-governmental organisations is often very long, while the service fees of private sectors without subsidies are generally high. In view of this, although we do not receive any subsidies, we are still willing to provide holistic counselling for people in distress at an affordable price, with the aim to offer timely assistance in times of need.

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Counselling / Psychotherapy
We may define therapy as a search for value.
-- Abraham Maslow
(Humanistic Psychologist)
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