Sunset on the Desert

Life is Beautiful.

Tharros Centre helps

revitalize the wonder of yours.

Tharros Centre adapts a holistic well-being approach in offering psychological support to those in need. We provide relief by face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy services. Besides, knowing that many of metropolitan people suffer from various sorts of distress, Tharros Centre regularly launches talks and classes on a variety of topics, so that we may cultivate the mental skills and emotional resilience of the people in modern society. Until now, more than 100 classes on art therapy, which is our mostly welcomed flagship programme, have been conducted. To serve the community, we would gratefully have joint venture with churches and social welfare organisations in loving and caring charges.

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Life trauma might happen at any time. When you feel powerless and defeated, Tharros Centre is ready to offer timely assistant by providing counselling services to care your mental health holistically. 

  • Counselling/ Psychotherapy

  • One-on-One Art therapy

  • Tele-Therapy

Each session lasts for 1.5 hour and charges HK$380

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Art Therapy Certificate Programme

This programme is constructed delicately and professionally, with both theoretical and practical aspects emphasized, equipping individuals who are determined to become the angle of others, such that beauty of life can be restored in their hearts.