Biblical Art Series :

Life of Beauty

Biblical Art series is a set of courses themed on beauty of life. In this series of classes, we will study the Bible in 4 quarters in a year, and artistically express the insights and feeling elicited afterward.

Each class consists of 10 lessons. The first half of the class interprets the essence of the verse; while the second half guides students to peacefully relate the messages with own self and express the feeling through art. Upon completion of the class, Tharros Centre will organize a semi-public art exhibition and sharing session, allowing students to share their understanding and feeling with friends and guests.

Class Objectives

  • To take the literary lens to study Bible literatures, and explore the space of thought endowed by the literatures.

  • To compare the messages conveyed in the literatures, new and old testaments, with the aim of balancing the pursue of absolute truth and freedom in literature interpretation, such that our belief can be revitalized.

  • To introspect deeply on the reality in daily life to prevent our spiritual life from losing its colours.

  • To experience the connection between artistic expression and the Words in Bible, and appreciate the wonderful integration of spiritual and artistic languages.

  • To set up stone in memorial of touching moments and determination through the use of art.

Tuition fee is HK$2000 per course. 

If students would like to cancel enrollment of the course, application of cancellation of enrollment shall be made 1 week before the start of the course. Application made less than 1 week before course commencement would be charged 10% administration fee; and application made after course commencement would not be accepted. 

Life of Beauty


Life of Love​

Faith and love are the most crucial elements in all sorts of relationships, including toward God, interpersonally, and within the society. Relationships can hardly be fully transparent. Trust is needed during the unclear and uncertain moments; and this makes faith important. As for love, it is like invisible glue bonding the related ones together tightly. Without love, connections become fragile. 

In this course, we will study the Bible literature Song of Songs, as well as scriptures in the New and Old Testaments. Different types of love views in Bible will be summarized, including Israelite's love toward God, the love described by Jesus and in Ruth, and various types of love mentioned in Pauline Epistles. After understanding different concepts of love, we will explore and focus on the part which tugs our heartstrings. Afterward we will learn about how to create beautiful artworks so to express our feelings and responses toward love.

Books to study: 

  Literature - Song of Songs

  Old Testament - Deuteronomy, Ruth

  New Testament - Gospels, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians


Date of commencement:

7/1/2021 to 25/3/2021 (Thursdays) 7:30-10:00pm


Life of Happiness

Life is full of frustrations: We cannot grasp the timings of happiness, cannot keep the happy moments, and cannot get rid of the curse of toilsome life. Life is not happy at all.  

Ecclesiastes gives us an awesome answer on this topic: Happiness is the gift from God to each of us. How so? Let's come to study the Bible literature Ecclesiastes, and scriptures in the New and Old Testaments throughout the 10 lessons in this course. Definitions and interpretations of happiness in Bible will be summarized, including the books of Genesis, Isaiah, Gospels, and Revelation. After exploring the true meaning of happiness, we will learn about how to create beautiful artworks in a joyful atmosphere so to express our desire deep in our hearts for a happy life. 

Books to study: 

  Literature - Ecclesiastes

  Old Testament - Genesis, Isaiah

  New Testament - Gospels, Revelation

Date of commencement:

9/4/2021 to 18/6/2021 (Fridays) 7:30-10:00pm


Life of Agitation

Life is not a bed of rose. Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want. Our religion cannot guarantee us a forever blue sky; nor provide us a perfect explanation on things we encountered. Hence someone may question: what is the meaning of our religion? 


The Psalms in Bible include many vivid and substantial cries, reflecting the true feelings in the life of agitation -- sometimes praising with thankfulness, sometimes begging pitifully in tears, sometimes crying out accusations hastily, sometimes even cursing enemies in resentment. Apart from the Psalms, we will also study scriptures in the New and Old Testaments including Exodus, Daniel, James, etc. Insights will be acquired from the experiences of the biblical characters in facing backsets in life. After reading the heart-stirring stories each lesson, we will enjoy indulging in art to express our feelings toward life.

Books to study: 

  Literature - Psalms

  Old Testament - Exodus, Daniel

  New Testament - Gospels, James


Date of commencement:

8/7/2021 to 16/9/2021 (Thursdays) 7:30-10:00pm


Life of Darkness

Books to study: 

  Literature - Job

  Old Testament - Genesis, Lamentations

  New Testament - Gospels, 1 Peter, Revelation


Date of commencement:

8/10/2021 to 17/12/2021 (Fridays) 7:30-10:00pm