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Art Therapy Alumni Reunion :
When Art Meets
Traumatic Memories...
Art + Brain 1.jpg

Entering the neurosystem of the brain

Tracing the rescue footprint of art

Understanding how art eliminates

the rubble and ruin of trauma

Violet Stars


Many people agree that art helps healing emotional distress or even psychological trauma. When applying art element in daily life or helping others, do you understand how art unleashes therapeutic effect? While planning for an evidence-based intervention, have you ever wondered how to interpret the influence of sensible art on our brain through the lens of rational science?


In response to these doubts, Tharros Centre specially arrange this event for our students to drill down into Perryman’s latest neuroscientific research. This allows students to have a more concrete and reliable literary evidence on application of art into treating psychological trauma, such that they can be more confidence in the path of intervention.


During this evening, our lecturer will explain and analyse Perryman's (2019) neuroscientific research on art therapy and trauma; as well as addressing on its implication in art therapy application. Students will simulate art creation targeting psychological trauma in accordance to Perryman's study.


Apply now to start a scientific artistic journey combining rationality and sensibility.

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Brain study 3.jpg
Brain trauma.jpg

Date: 4/3/2023 (Saturday)


Class A: 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Class B: 7:30pm - 10:00pm (full)

Fee: HK$50

Art + Brain 2.jpg

Simulation of art creation

for trauma

Brain study 2.jpg

Anaylsis on the latest study

about art & neuroscience

Abstract Waves


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