Frozen Night


 A journey of self-discovery, started by a mysterious siren of calling. 
    Along with the journey are thrilling challenges and difficulties.


​  After jumping out of the comfort zone,

        leaping through numerous challenges......
​   you realize that you have grown up,
           and your life becomes more beautiful.

The above description is the experience of Elsa and Anna and their buddies in the movie "Frozen 2". Showcased in 2019, it is the second highest grossing animated film. The plot started with a mysterious voice, calling on Elsa to start a journey into the unknown. This movie adopted a relaxing approach to address on serious topics of overcoming fear and self-exploration through an astonishing adventure story. 

We have been encountering varies sorts of hardships and challenges since 2019. All of a sudden, we have lost the familiar things. The adversity we are facing seems so undefeatable. Under this situation, it is believable that many people will feel confused, powerless, and lost... In light of this, Tharros Centre specially conducts a "Frozen Night". Psychological lens will be adopted to analyze the journey of personal growth of the movie characters. The critical junctures to accept challenges and breakthrough self will be identified. In this workshop, you will be guided to reflect on yourselves, to search for a way-out of the contemporary difficult time, to regain the power to conquer fear though the mist, and find yourself. Finally participants will create a handicraft to record down personal apprehension and prospect. If you have watched this movie, you should not miss out this rare chance of interpretation and self-reflection. If you haven't watched it yet, enroll now. Start your self-discovery journey, accomplish a new self. 


Date:  26/2/2021 (Friday)

Time:  7:30pm - 10:00pm

Fee:  HK$120

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