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Art Therapy Cert. Programme Admission Form

Terms and Conditions


  1. Please fill in the below admission form to enroll in the "Art Therapy Certificate Programme". Please select the upcoming course you intended to study.

  2. Please settle payment within 2 months before commencement for each course to complete the registration process. Please refer to [Payment] for details about payment. 

  3. If you are enrolling into this programme with companions, please fill in the information of your companion in the form to enjoy the companion discount. If you wish to settle the payment online via this website, please contact us to obtain the companion discount code. 

  4. The information on this form is collected for the class related purposes and notifications. Such information shall not be shared with other parties.

  5. After successful admission registration of the programme, Tharros Centre will create a student account for you on the [Student Portal]. You will receive an email notifying you about the login information. You may browse the course information and subject records on this student portal, and enroll in other courses in the future via this portal. 

  6. Your mobile number will be added to a WhatsApp group for each course enrolled 2 weeks before course commencement. The group is administrated by Tharros Centre and shall be used for class communication only.

  7. If applicants would like to cancel enrollment of the course, application of refund shall be made 8efore course commencement. [Refund Terms & Conditions] apply.

  8. Tharros Centre reserves the right to accept, reject or withdraw the admission, enrolment and discount offering.

  9. By submitting this form, you indicate that you understand and accept the above terms and conditions. 

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