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Art Therapy Alumni Reunion :
The Epoch-Making Beauty -- Art in the Stone-Age
Stone age wallpaper 1.jpg

The art of ancient humans
  reveals the key to the success of mankind.

  But do contemporary humans

        cherish these treasures?

  Let us get on a time travel

        to rethink about art.  

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Humans pursuit of beauty precedes the appearance of words and languages. This is evident by the discovery of artwork in the Stone Age millions years ago, when ancient humans around the world used sketching for communication, recording, or even decoration. These precious art pieces are important in tracing the cultural and historical development in that age, as well as revealing the development of civilization and art in later generations.

During this evening, our lecturer will introduce the art in the Stone Age and address on its implications in the contemporary era. Students will imitate the ancient humans to engage in experiential activities and art creation without verbal language and words. Apart from meeting old classmates and re-experiencing the time of studying here, this special reunion day is also a big time to welcome the newly graduating students to join this family.

Apply now to start a time-travelling art journey!

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Stone Age - Art 3.jpg
Stone Age - Art 4.jpg
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Date: 26/11/2022 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Fee: HK$80

Stone Age - Art 2.jpg

Introduction on Stone-Age Art

Stone age 2 [Converted].png

Simulation Activity of Ancient Life

Stone age 3 [Converted]-02.png
Stone age 3 [Converted]-01.png

Taste of Ancient Art Creation

Graduation 2 - no bg.png

Certificate Award to Graduating Students

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